School Board

The public's voice in the operation of the Calaveras Unified School District is heard first through five elected School Board members.

Board members are chosen by the community in November general elections.
Calaveras Unified School District is divided into five districts with one school member
residing in each district.  All members serve a four-year term.

The Board welcomes participation in its regular meetings at the District Office Administrative Offices. 
A public comment period is included in each regular meeting.

Sherri Reusche
District Area 1 
Elected: 2004 
Term Expires: 2020

Kelly Smith-BoardClerk
District Area 2
Elected: 2014
Term Expires: 2018

Zerrall McDaniel
District Area 4 

Elected: 1999
Term Expires: 2018

District Area 3

Elected: 2016
Term Expires: 2020

Board President
District Area 5 

Elected: 2010
Term Expires: 2018

Board Policy

This area contains every Board Bylaw, Board Policy, Administrative
Regulation and supporting exhibits currently approved for use by the 
Calaveras Unified School District.
Administrative Regulations and Supporting Exhibits

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