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Complaint Procedure

The Governing Board accepts responsibility for providing a means by which the public  
can hold employees accountable for their actions. The Board desires that complaints be resolved 
expeditiously without disrupting the educational process. 
BP 1312.1(a)

The Governing Board uses a comprehensive process to adopt district instructional materials that is  
based on selection criteria established by law and Board policy and includes opportunities for the 
involvement of parents/guardians and community members. Complaints concerning the content or us 
of instructional materials, including textbooks, supplementary instructional materials, library materials, 
or other instructional materials and equipment, shall be properly and fairly considered using 
established complaint procedures. 

The Governing Board recognizes that the district has the primary responsibility to ensure compliance  
with applicable state and federal laws and regulations governing educational programs. The Board 
encourages the early, informal resolution of complaints whenever possible and appropriate. To resolve 
complaints which cannot be resolved through such informal process, the Board shall adopt a uniform 
system of complaint processes specified in 5 CCR 4600-4670 and the accompanying 
administrative regulation.  
BP 1312.3(a)

Types of Complaints The district shall use the procedures described in this administrative regulation 
only to investigate and resolve the following: (Education Code 35186; 5 CCR 4680-4683)
AR 1312.4(a)

Notice to parents/guardians, students, and teachers: Complaint Rights
E1 1312.4(a)

Education Code (EC) Section 35186 created a procedure for the filing of complaints concerning deficiencies related to instructional materials, conditions of facilities that are not maintained in a clean or safe manner or in good repair, and teacher vacancy or mis-assignment. The complaint and response are public documents as provided by statute. 
E2 1312.4(a)

Notice to parents/guardians, students, and teachers: preschool complaint rights. 
E3 1312.4(a)

Education Code 8235.5 requires that the complaint procedures in 5 CCR 4680-4687 be used for the filing of complaints concerning noncompliance with health and safety standards for license- exempt California State Preschool Programs. 
E 1312.4(a)